Firm Profile

Katz LLC is a Chicago local accounting and consulting firm. The firm's success is based on the firms's commitment to providing high quality business advice and services with a personal touch. 

Katz LLC understands that your financial life extends beyond the boundaries of tax and accounting matters. For this reason, we work closely with attorneys, stockbrokers, bankers, investment advisors, insurance professionals, and other financial advisors so that all aspects of your financial affairs are considered. We pride ourselves in our ability to work as part of a team on your behalf.


Additionally, we are experienced and well-equipped to deal with the challenges of doing business in the international arena through our association with Broide & Co., Certified Public Accountants (Israel), a well known and proactive public accounting firm in Israel, with professional links throughout Western Europe, Australia and South Africa.


Katz LLC participates in the Peer Review Program of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the national professional organization of CPAs. A firm participating in any of these programs must have an independent review of its accounting and auditing practice every three years. 

All matters handled by Katz LLC are treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with the high standards of the accounting profession's Code of Ethics. Information about your business affairs will never be discussed with or released to unauthorized persons.

In every situation, we emphasize a cost-sensitive and efficient approach to our work. Our fees are generally based on the hourly rates of each professional involved on your engagement. We make every effort to assure that all work is done at the professional level that is most appropriate for a given project. We are always ready to discuss our fees with you and provide you with a cost estimate based on your particular needs.